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Up in the Air About Vent Cleaning? You can count on our Woodbridge, CT and Wallingford, CT specialists to improve your dryer ventilation

Every time you use your dryer; lint, pet dander, and other small debris that can cling to your clothing comes free and is left in your dryer and dryer vent line. As this accumulates in the vent line over time, it causes a loss of dryer performance that can become a serious safety hazard. This built up debris and lint reduces air flow, which slows down drying times required to fully dry clothing and increases the amount of energy usage per dryer load. You can count on National Air Quality Services in Woodbridge, CT and Wallingford, CT to remove the debris from your dryer vent.

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Although your dryer vent is easily overlooked, it's very important that you give it careful attention. Here are a few common questions about the importance of cleaning your dryer vent:

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Our Technicians start by taping off the lint collection housing of your dryer, we then run your dryer while blowing high pressured air into the lint collection housing. Once completely cleared of lint and debris, the dryer is detached from the wall vent line and the interior dryer tube is hand vacuumed, removing whatever has collected inside the machine’s vent tube. At this point, the cleaning of the vent line from the connection point in the wall/floor/ceiling to the exterior exit vent of your home is blown free of all build up. The entire job is done with usage of high pressured air and cleaning attachments required to clear lint, debris, or any potential blockages.

How does dryer cleaning work?
We use a high-pressure air hose and air tools to loosen debris trapped in your system. We'll then use a vacuum to pull the debris through your exhaust vent.

What are some indicators that it's time to replace my dryer vent?
Plastic dryer vents have been deemed a fire hazard and are no longer considered safe for use. We also recommend that you replace flexible metal ventilation with rigid metal ventilation.

Consult with National Air Quality Services about the condition of your dryer vent and we'll find the right solutions for you.